AP tests are a big part of the high school curriculum and can have a great impact on the courses you are eligible to take in college. Dominate the advanced placement tests with our suite of study tools including course notes, study guides, sample tests, videos and more. The study materials we provide are designed to help you learn only the most important information needed to excel on your AP tests. Use APNotes.com to gain a competitive advantage in your AP classes and during the tests.

APNotes.com works hard to provide you with a chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of some of the most popular advanced placement courses today. Use our study guides and practice tests as a way to reinforce your classroom learning. We aim to provide the best AP materials online, focusing on only the material that will help you achieve better scores on your exams.

For 2013, the AP Exams will be administered from May 13-17. It’s never too late to study however, and using our AP notes will ensure you have a more well-rounded understanding of the test and course. Most students have prepared for the exam for a full year, taking an intensive course dedicated to the subject matter of a particular test.

AP courses are meant to prepare you for college-level classes by providing you with an immersive learning experience about a particular subject, such as AP US History or AP English. By passing the AP exams administered each May by the CollegeBoard, you are eligible for college course credits that are fully transferrable.

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