APNotes.com Features

APNotes.com was built with the student in mind, to make it easy for you to find study materials and notes on the course you need quickly. Simply search for the AP course you are interested in studying and skip to the sections that interest you. Here are some specific features that students should find helpful in preparing for the various AP tests.

Test Breakdown

Before you study for the test, learn more about its format. By memorizing the order and format of each individual AP test, you are more prepared for what’s coming. It’s a good idea to do mock tests that mimic the actual format of the test so that you’re familiar with the process. Come test day, you should have no problem anticipating each section.

Chapter Analysis

Most AP test follow an official book assigned to each course, such as the American Pageant for AP U.S. History. We offer a chapter-by-chapter analysis that covers the crucial information you need to know in order to excel on your exam. By cutting out the fluff, you are able to focus on the information that really matters.

Vocabulary and Key Concepts

There are so many broad topics in each AP course, so we break it down and make it easy for you to focus on the vocabulary words and key concepts that are more likely to be on the test. While AP test formats can change each year, important foundational information that is key to each course generally remains the same. We make sure you’re well versed on the key concepts that you are likely to encounter on each AP test.

Practice AP Tests

Practice makes perfect, so it’s important you get a lot of it. We provide practice tests and quizzes in order to help you better prepare for the test and subject material you will be studying in your AP course. Analyze your results and work on improving your score with each practice test. Mastering the core concepts of the test will ensure you get the best results possible on your AP exam.